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Duns Tew Energy Park

We are exploring a potential extension to the existing solar energy park at Hill Farm, Duns Tew, Oxfordshire.

The original solar farm was constructed in 2016.

The proposal now under consideration is for an additional 9MW of solar electricity generation set across 37 acres backed up by a battery storage system which will increase the reliability and flexibility of the use of the exported energy.

Community Benefit

Solar energy generation at Duns Tew will contribute to the long term national commitment to cease reliance on fossil fuels and develop alternative, sustainable sources of energy.

A number of specific local benefits are also under active consideration. These include opportunities for local people to invest in the solar farm and using a proportion of its returns to fund community projects.  

Consultation Feedback

Thanks to all who attended the Duns Tew Energy Park public consultations on the 5th April and 6th June 2019 and the Duns Tew Parish Council meeting on 10th June. Feedback has been generally positive with a lot of interest and support for the opportunity of community ownership.

The importance of identifying a suitable construction access route was strongly communicated. Direct access from the A4260 is being explored as part of the project’s aim for minimal disruption to the local community.  

We are in discussion with Oxfordshire based Low Carbon Hub regarding the opportunity of placing Duns Tew Energy Park into their portfolio. This would offer investment opportunities, long term annual income into the community and the opportunity for Duns Tew to bid for funding for community energy projects. Low Carbon Hub will have an introductory open meeting in Duns Tew in late June/early July to provide more information.

Further information about the Low Carbon Hub can be found at:

Key Documents


Please see below for various documents relating to the Duns Tew Project: 

Duns Tew Energy Park Public Consultation and Low Carbon Hub Community Ownership Presentation

Public Consultation

Thursday 25th July, 5pm – 8pm, Deddington Arms Hotel

Friday 26th July, 2pm – 6pm, Duns Tew Village Hall

Low Carbon Hub Community Ownership Presentation

Friday 26th July, 7pm – 8pm, Duns Tew Village Hall, Duns Tew

You are invited to a public consultation event to consider updated proposals for a new solar farm and energy storage facility alongside the existing solar array constructed in 2016 on land at Hill Farm, Duns Tew.

Representatives will be present to explain the updated proposal and community ownership, answer your questions and take note of your views.

Oxfordshire based Low Carbon Hub will present the community ownership vision for the energy park on the 26th July at 7pm.

Details about the proposed energy park can be found at:

Duns Tew Comments


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